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MARKET MAKER Shares Program

For clients who want to own shares in their ASC, we offer our exclusive Market Maker share valuation and management program. Market Maker offers you limited rights for partners to buy or sell ASC shares to Artisan Medical at a pre-determined price. This program guarantees liquidity, maximizes share values for the partners keeps shares in the hands of active partners.

Market Maker also allows surgeons, who are close to retirement, the ability to sell small lots of shares as they begin to slow down and work less in their practice and the ASC.

Market Maker Key Benefits

  • Raises equity values
  • Guarantees partners the ability to sell shares at pre-determined price at time of their choice
  • Establishes net worth of shares for personal balance sheet
  • Helps recruit new surgeons to ASC
  • Eliminates pressure to sell to management companies
  • Keeps more equity in the hands of active surgeons
  • Reduces time and cost needed to sell shares
  • Includes ASC surgeon retirement transition assistance


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