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ASC ManagementArtisan Medical specializes in bringing efficient and profitable management practices to small ASCs. We focus on providing centers with detailed financial analysis and planning services including budgeting, cash flow, and accurate financial projections. We perform daily reconciliation services, and our center’s policies and procedures are AAAHC compliant.

We are experts in recruiting, hiring and managing key staff and clinical directors so your center remains efficient and profitable. We develop job descriptions, job performance evaluations and reviews, as well as comprehensive compensation and benefits packages.

Artisan Medical will analyze your local market, develop ASC goals and provide long-term strategic planning services to boost the value of the center both now and in the future.

Our management services include:

  • Recruiting new surgeons and potential partners
  • Developing HR policies and tools to retain key staff
  • Providing financial management services that include general ledger, cash basis bookkeeping, accounts payables, and tax filing assistance
  • Supervising billing and collections. (We also offer comprehensive billing and collection services under a separate agreement.)
  • Providing IT management and reporting
  • Budgeting and cash flow management
  • Purchasing equipment and services, and participating in corporate discount and preferred pricing programs
  • Assisting in credentialing staff and licensing medical providers
  • Facilitating regulatory compliance
  • Planning effective business strategies for continued growth


If you are ready to reach your ASC goals, call us at 703-251-4450 to arrange a free consultation and a critical analysis of your current situation.